Johnny at the Cash Cabin

The Cash Cabin

              - Recording Studio

The Cash Cabin recording studio is complete with its own mystique and recording history equal to rival any in Nashville. During the seventies, the cabin was a quick refuge for Johnny Cash and offered a respite from the endless line of tour busses to his Hendersonville Lake House home. The cabin is located in the woods of the preserve across the street from where the once majestic Lake House stood on Caudill Drive. It was later converted to a recording studio in the nineties as Johnny's health began to fail him and trips to Nashville based recording studios became unrealistic. It was within these walls that most of the Grammy award winning American Recordings were done. Just outside, the porch opens to the world of Cash's private animal preserve. Johnny would mention how noise from a prized buffalo banging against the cabin could be heard at times while recording.

The Cash Cabin is still an active studio managed by John Carter Cash. It walls adorned with history. Each recording artist that visits will sign the mantle of the fire place as a tradition of honor.

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